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  Terry Coates' Volkswagen Corrado SLC

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The Rhino boy racing team has been competing in the Sports Car Club of America's National Showroom Stock racing series since 1992. Campaigning out of the tough Central Division, the team races a schedule that covers some six tracks in five states. The 1996 season is underway with a new twist as the team borrowed an SCCA Spec Racer. Check the Photo Gallery for a picture of the orange beast.

  • The team driver, Terry Coates, has racked up an impressive list of wins, pole positions, track records, and Divisional Championships in a diverse assortment of cars. His off-track accomplishments are just as stunning, including the recent cover photo and story in the November/December 1995 issue of Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. Coates was selected as one of 13 males from among 300 applicants to attend the 1995 Lyn St. James Driver Development Program in Indianapolis last November.

  • Coates is also an accomplished writer, penning a regular column, From the Showroom in the award-winning SCCA regional magazine, "The Observer's Stand." This column details the team's progress throughout each season. The magazine's circulation is over one thousand copies in the central Ohio area each month. He also has an article in the current issue (May/June 1996) of Grassroots Motorsports magazine.

  • The team has launched Club Rhino. Want to be kept abreast of what's happening with the team? Not everything there is to know about Rhino boy is on the internet site--check out the club.

  • Like any race team, Rhino boy couldn't create the results it does without its sponsors. These folks make the best products or provide the best services in their respective industries. They all get "two horns up."

  • If you're the visual sort, check out the team's Photo Gallery. There aren't any huge graphics on this page, so it shouldn't take too long to load.

  • Under the category of "oddly enough", there was a history page on these history pages! While I can't find where the original link was located, I have put one here so you can see a taste of the earliest days of the racing effort: Early Days.

SCCA/Racing Links

Ohio Valley Region, SCCA Homepage - This is Rhino boy's home region and this page represents The Observer's Stand, the regional publication where the "From the Showroom" articles are originally published.

Central Division, SCCA Homepage - This is the home page for the Division that houses the Ohio Valley Region. Rhino boy competes in this division's National Road Racing Championship.

The Unofficial SCCA Homepage - This is the unofficial homepage for the parent organization that sanctions the Division National Road Racing series. (Way back then, the SCCA didn't have its own web site!)

Central Division Points - This is the page that contains the record of our division's points battle in all the classes that compete.

This is the magazine for amateur racing in the United States. Rhino boy's driver, Terry Coates, has appeared in and written articles for this magazine.

Other Interesting Links

Corrado Club of America - Interested in the Volkswagen Corrado? Check out the Corrado Club of America's home page.

DWTrue's Home Page - This guy is a friend of ours whose page is "Link City" for many varied interests. You won't find anything "racing" here, but you'll find something.
(I lost track of Mr. True years ago. . . but thanks to the magic of Facebook I found him again!)


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