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The Rhino boy
Team/Driver History Page

The Early Years

Rhino boy driver Terry Coates began his driving career in the Sports Car Club of America's PRO Rally series campaigning this 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit. The car was prepared by himself and his two teammates, Navigator Joe Corbin and Crew Chief Bobby Newman. The team was based in Chillicothe, Ohio--Terry's hometown and the host city of the Sunriser 400 PRO Rally. The team competed in this series from 1986 to 1989.

This team was known as "Series 3 Racing", named after the cast-off IBM computer whose parts supplied much of the switches and wiring of the car's interior. The car is shown here in its original trim, before a 1987 rollover that lead to a long winter but a better-looking car (photo not available).

Although seriously underpowered and running on a shoestring budget, the team usually managed good finishes within their driver's seed group. Until the car grew weary, mechnical DNF's were rare. The team suffered only the one major crash in their years of competition.

The Middle Years

After finding PRO Rally too expensive to compete effectively, driver Terry Coates turned his efforts to the Sports Car Club of America's Showroom Stock series. This effort was mounted without the backing of a team and while Coates was attending college at The Ohio State University.

Coates completed his first driver's school in the summer of 1988 using a Dodge Omni GLH Turbo, borrowed from once-co-driver and current Showroom Stock competitor, Rob Jones. Coates' results at the school were favorable enough that the requirement of a second school was waived. A Showroom Stock "B" Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V was pieced together and Coates entered regional competition.

Progress was slow at first as funds were terribly limited in the college years. Coates drove the car to the races while followed in a 1977 station wagon that Coates had paid $200 for in order to have something to use as a parts carrier and sleeping quarters.

A big crash at Indianapolis Raceway Park set Coates back almost a year in his goal to attain a National Competition License. The car was effectively totaled, but with the help of Ernie's Foreign Salvage in Chillicothe, it was rebuilt well enough for Coates to complete his required races and to earn a National License in time for the 1992 racing season.

Recent Times

That brings us to the present day. The trials and tribulations of that first season of National racing are well-documented among these pages as are the '93-95 seasons riddled with success. With any luck, however, those years will soon find their way to this page as Coates and the Rhino boy organization continue to rise in the ranks.

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